Perfect view – optimum health protection!

Welding fumes can pose a serious health risk and should be filtered out of the air immediately after they are generated, according to the recommendations of occupational safety experts. In order to ensure such filtration in industrial environments, even under unfavorable operating conditions, ABICOR BINZEL has improved the successful fume extraction torch RAB GRIP HE (high efficiency): The new RAB GRIP HE 2 has an extraction tube made of aluminum instead of the conventionally used steel. Moreover, a reduced wall thickness of the extraction nozzle on the RAB GRIP 36 HE 2 and the RAB GRIP 501 D HE 2 additionally ensures even less weight. Of course, the RAB GRIP HE 2 extraction torches guarantee good accessibility, high collection capacity and robustness. RAB GRIP HE 2 combines effective health protection with best possible working conditions and is suitable for tough industrial applications.

  • New extraction nozzle geometry and enlarged flow diameter for the extraction of welding fumes even in difficult working positions without endangering the gas shielding
  • Almost 10 % less weight compared to the previous version RAB GRIP HE
  • Free-standing standard MB gas nozzle for accessibility similar to standard torches
  • Robust design, long-life construction
  • Reliable gas nozzle cooling – standard, long-life parts
  • Optimum accessibility by optional 45° or 60° neck bend
  • System solution for clean air in the production: RAB GRIP HE 2 together with the ABICOR BINZEL fume extraction units

* according to DIN EN ISO 14175

  • Rated using power source with VDE standard volt/amp characteristic (U=14+0.05xl). When pulse welding, reduce rating by 35%.
  • Technical data (EN 60 974-7):


Type:RAB GRIP 24 HE 2
CO2:250 A
Mixed gases M21*:220 A
DC (%):60
Wire Ø (mm):0.8 – 1.2


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