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PRO-5 PB Compact Pipe Beveler with battery motor

PRO-5 PB Compact Pipe Beveler with battery motor

PRO-5 PB is a portable, compact machine suitable for milling edges of pipes made of carbon and stainless steels, aluminum alloys and copper-nickels.

  • Handy and lightweight portable beveller designed to create a perfect weld prep edge prior to joining
  • PRO-5 PB can simultaneously mill the OD Bevel, root face and ID counterbore to create consistent wall thickness around the joint and ensure complete weld penetration
  • Machine covers a range of diameters from 32mm ID to 140mm OD
  • Self-centering expandable mandrels provide quick and proper alignment to a pipe or a tube prior to machining operations
  • Available with pneumatic, electric or battery drive
  • Standard and custom made tool bits available for creating various bevel angles for V and J-grove preparation for high welding efficiency on thicker walled pipe
  • Suitable for space restricted areas
Electric motor:
18 V DC, 5.2 Ah
Rotational speed (nominal):
Pneumatic drive:
Air requirement:
Air consumption:
Pipe diameter:
32 mm ID to 114 mm OD (1.26-4.49’’) ID 25-32 mm (1”-1.25”) /option/ ID 107-133 mm (4.21”-5.24”) /option/
Maximum pipe wall thickness for outside diameter:

OD up to 114 mm | 12 mm (0.47’’) 114–124 mm* | 10 mm (0.39’’) 124–132 mm* | 8 mm (0.31’’) 132–140 mm* | 6 mm (0.24’’) * available with the optional 140 mm spindle disk set

Weight (incl. motor):
10 kg (22 lbs) includes battery
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