Power Cables

Power Cables

Power cables, also known as battery cables, connect the vehicle’s battery to the EDS (electrical distribution system). Traditionally, power cables have been made from copper. Today, power cables made from aluminium are helping to reduce vehicle weight.

LEONI produces a range of power cables to suit all vehicle types. In addition to flexible power cables made from copper or aluminium, we produce solid aluminium busbars. These help to reduce overall vehicle weight and are particularly suitable when the battery is located in the rear of the vehicle.

Our flexible aluminium alloy battery cables offer an alternative to conventional copper cables. These help to reduce weight as well as optimising function and cost, whilst being resistant to temperatures up to +125 °C.

A solid aluminium busbar can offer some important benefits, particularly in vehicles where the battery is located remotely:

  • Less weight
  • Reduced packaging space
  • Greater ease of installation.

Assemblies can also include twin bus-bars to support “stop-start” technology where this is fitted to the vehicle. LEONI manufactures round rigid aluminium busbars as an alternative to conventional copper cable. Typically, a rigid aluminium busbar delivers a weight-saving of around 50 % compared with the equivalent copper battery cable. In absolute terms, the weight saving could be as much as three kilogrammes – the reduced weight helping to lower the vehicle’s CO2 emissions.