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Mini Spider Fillet Welding Tractor

Mini Spider Fillet Welding Tractor

The Mini Spider is a battery-powered welding tractor designed to produce continuous fillet welds using MIG/MAG torches. The torch can be easily swapped from one side of Mini Spider to another.

  • Compact and lightweight design to weld in narrow spaces
  • Convenient 18 V DC battery supply (the same battery for both Mini Spider and Gecko Battery)
  • Torch placement on either side
  • Welding edge to edge
  • Closed-loop speed control system based on electric motor with encoder – ensures increased speed accuracy
  • Consistent heat input reduces distortion
  • Reduces wasted filler metal – eliminates over welding
  • Digital LED display for presetting of travel speed and diagnostic messages
  • Low-battery indicator
  • Built-in guide rollers
18 V DC, 5.2 Ah 1~ 110–240 V, 50–60 Hz (option)
25 W
Welding position (according to EN ISO 6947 and AWS/ASME):
PB / 2F PD / 4F
Torch diameter:
16–22 mm (0.63–0.87’’)-
Min. workpiece thickness:
4 mm (0.16”)-
Ground clearance:
4 mm (0.16”)-
Horizontal pulling force:
150 N
Vertical pulling force:

100 N

Horizontal speed:
0–110 cm/min (0–43.3 in/min)
Vertical speed:
0–100 cm/min (0–39.4 in/min)
Weight (w/o battery):
7.6 kg (22 lbs)
Product code:
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