Minarc 150

Minarc 150

Minarc 150 and 220 Classic MMA welding machines are light in weight, robust, durable and impact resistant, ideal for workshop and site environments.

Superior arc performance based on high voltage reserves and automatic ‘Arc Force’ control, guarantee the arc will remain stable in all welding positions, even when connected with extra-long welding and power cables, up to 100m.

Automatic Hot Start gives perfect ignition in all conditions and the Anti-sticking function decreases the risk of the MMA electrode sticking to the base material and aids short arc control. Protection against overload, humidity and dust ingress, gives excellent reliability, and TIG welding is made possible with the scratch -TIG function and GV TIG torches. Minarc 220 features a remote-control option.

Specified Minarc Classic models feature VRD function (Voltage Reduction Device), lowering the open circuit voltage for welding environments that may present wet, damp or humid conditions. Minarc 151 Classic is designed to be used with 110V site transformers.

  • Excellent welding quality and ignition
  • 1ph 230V, 110V and 3ph 400V models
  • Automatic dynamics feature
  • Lightweight and high power
  • Excellent work duty performance
  • VRD model options
  • Scratch TIG feature
  • Ready to weld packages

Minarc 150 is a 1-phase, 140 A DC MMA welding power source. This little powerhouse comes with everything you need to start welding. It has a durable casing and it is easy to carry with its shoulder strap. The Minarc 150 is also available with a VRD function.

Product code6102150
Connection voltage 1~ 50/60 Hz230 V ±15 %
Fuse (delayed)16 A
Open circuit voltage85 V
Stick electrode sizes1.5…3.25 mm
Welding range (MMA)10 A/20.5 V – 140 A/25.6 V
Welding range (TIG)5 A/10 V – 150 A/16 V
Operating temperature range–20…+40 °C
External dimensions LxWxH320 × 123 × 265 mm
Weight (no accessories)4.0 kg
Degree of protectionIP23S

TX 223GVD13

  • 200 A, gas-cooled, Gas valve, DIX 13, Large torch head
  • Product code: TX223GVD134 (4m)

TX 163GVD9

  • 160 A, gas-cooled, Gas valve, DIX 9mm, 4m, Large torch head
  • Product code: TX163GVD94 (4m)

Welding cable 5 m 25 mm²

  • Product code: 6184201

Earth return cable 5 m, 25 mm²

  • Product code: 6184211

Electrode holders – electrode holders

  • Product code: Kemppi 300 – 9871021, Kemppi 400 – 9871031, Urania 5 – 9871041, Urania 6 – 9871051, Myking 200 – 9871060, Myking 450 – 9871070, Myking 600 – 9871080

Remote control R10

  • Suitable for use with Kemppi MIG, TIG, and stick (MMA) welding equipment. Available in 5 m and 10 m. Increase welding quality, work efficiency, comfort, and safety with appropriate, easy-to-use Kemppi remote controls.
  • Product code: R10, 5 m – 6185409 R10, 10 m – 618540901

Carrying straps

  • Product code: 9592162

MST 400

  • Suitable for MinarcMig, MinarcMig Evo, MinarcTig, MinarcTig Evo, and Minarc 220. The MST 400 is a 2-wheel transport unit that is recommended for smaller gas bottle sizes.
  • Product code: 6185294
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