iROB Pulse 500

iROB Pulse 500

For automated welding, ABICOR BINZEL ROBOTIC SYSTEMS provides all the technology required for the robot.

With the robot power source iROB it is easier than ever before to set up an all-round perfect automated welding system.

Thanks to the perfect interplay of the power source with the robot, the welding torch, the BRS torch cleaning station, the EWR electronic gas control system etc., not only is the effort required for installation minimal, welding results are perfect as well. Cleverly designed technology means that not only is integration possible with modern precision welding robots, existing robots can be retrofitted and automated with the modern welding technology from ABICOR BINZEL.

Communication between the robot and power source is possible with either digital fieldbus versions or classical analogue/digital versions.

The iROB’s pulse welding technology has an especially compact design so that it can still fit into the smallest robot welding cell. Integrated process monitoring leads to a reliable welding result. Our complete equipment packages, from the power source through assembly material to the welding torch, not only simplify configuration and integration, they make it a worthwhile investment as well.

The iROB power source is currently available in Western and Eastern Europe, as well as in Turkey and Mexico.
Delivery to other markets on request!


  • Extremely robust pulse technology for continuous operation
  • Highly dynamic digital processor technology for the highest joining quality
  • Job and direct characteristic curve selection with individual parameter adjustment
  • Equipped with a complete characteristic curve package for all standard materials
  • Parameter setting at the power source or at the robot control panel
  • Intuitive control avoids faults
  • Wearing part replacement at the wire feed without the need for tools saves time
  • Flexible interface technology adapts to practically all automation
  • Integration of the BRS via the iROB-robot interface saves costs and effort
  • Integrated process monitoring with freely adjustable warning and error thresholds
  • Integrated extended appliance monitoring of gas volume, coolant temperature and flow
  • Optional external QM tool
  • Compact device setup

This is by no means the end of our service, because we provide you with all the important support that is required for automated welding:

  • Advice on suitable welding technology
  • Advice on optimal welding automation
  • Attractive complete packages both in terms of prices and technically
  • Feasibility studies and preliminary tests
  • Setup and integration of the welding technology
  • Application support for running in and optimising
  • Service
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Staff training for application and service
TypeiROB Pulse 500
Power supply voltage:3 x 400 Vac
Main voltage tolerance:± 15%
Main voltage frequency:50 / 60 Hz
Main fuse: Slow-blow fuse:30 A (400 V)
Max. power input (kVA):22.9 kW (400 V)
Max. power input (kW):21.95 kW (400 V)
Power factor (PF):0.95
Efficiency:88% (400 V)
Cos (ø):0.99
Primary continuous current (100% duty cycle):32.9 A (400 V)
Effective current consumption I eff:23.2 A (400 V)
Max. welding current at 40°C: Duty cycle = 60% Duty cycle = 100%500 A 420 A
Max. welding current at 25°C: Duty cycle = 60% Duty cycle = 100%500 A 470 A
Welding current range:3 – 500 A
Open-circuit voltage:73 Vdc
Insulation class:H
Cooling:AF / Fan
Dimensions (LxWxH):624 x 282 x 474 mm
Weight:30.9 kg

1 Power source:

  • iROB Pulse 400
  • iROB Pulse 400 Multivoltage
  • iROB Pulse 500

2 Cooling unit:

  • iROB cool

3 Platform:

  • iROB podium
  • iROB rolls

4 Remote control:

  • iROB control

5 Feeder:

  • iROB feed 22
  • iROB feed MP

6 Intermediate cable-hose assembly:

  • liquid cooled 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 m
  • air cooled 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 m

7 iROB clamp:

  • Intermediate cable-hose assembly clamp (robot specific)

8 iROB bracket:

  • Feeder mounting platform (robot specific)

9 iROB spool:

  • Spool mounting (robot specific)
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