GE 145 PS

The generating set GE 145 is a unit which transforms the mechanical energy, generated by endothermic engine, into electric energy, through an alternator.

Is meant for industrial and professional use, powered by an endothermic engine; it is composed of various main parts such as: engine, alternator, electric and electronic controls, the fairing or a protective structure.


Power three-phase (Stand-by):152 kVA (121.6 kW) / 400 V / 219.4 A
Power three-phase (P.R.P.):137 kVA (109.6 kW) / 400 V / 197.7 A
Power single-phase:50 kVA / 230 V / 217.4 A
Frequency:50 Hz
ALTERNATORSelf-excited, self-regulated, brushless
Type:three-phase, synchronous
Insulation class:H
Make / Model:PERKINS / 1106C-E66TAG2
Type / Cooling system:Diesel 4-Stroke / water
Cylinders / Displacement:6 / 6600 cm3
Power (stand-by):132.9 kW (180.7 HP)
Power (P.R.P.):119.5 kW (162.5 HP)
Speed:1500 rpm
Fuel / Fuel consumption:24.3 l/h
Engine oil capacity:15.5 l
Battery:12V – 105Ah
Fuel tank capacity:230 l
Running time (75%):9.5 h
Protection:IP 44
Dimensions on base Lxwxh (mm):3000x1200x1800
Weight on base:2130 Kg / 2060 Kg
Measured acustic power:96 dB(A) (70 dB(A) @ 7 m)
Guaranteed acoustic power:97 dB(A) (71 dB(A) @ 7 m)


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