Flow & Flowgauge Regulators

Flow & Flowgauge Regulators

The Wescol flow & flowgauge regulators are compact, robust and ideal for welding applications, providing a consistent and accurate gas flow across the life of a cylinder to limit wastage. Sensitive diaphragm provides class-leading surge for single stage regulators limiting gas wastage and extending the life of solenoid valves. Precision flow paths reduce gas turbulence leading to a consistent shield.

The twin flowmeter variant allows two operators to weld simultaneously from one cylinder or allows welding and back-purging from a single cylinder of particular importance when welding pipes, the output remains stable regardless of the demand on each flowmeter

*Other variants available for use with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas and other Inert/Semi-Inert GasesPlease call or e-mail us at Wescol to find comprehensive country/market specific information for any products (gas/configuration/type(s)) and our representatives will be happy to help.

Gas Type:Argon & Inert Mixtures*
Part No:RE0385
Description:SS Ar 2 Bar Flowmeter SE, 0-30 LPM
Inlet:BS341 No. 3
Flowmeter Outlet:9/16” UNF
Tube MaterialPolycarbonate
AccuracyClass 10 (as per ISO 2503)


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