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Inverter technology designed with stepless controls anddigital display, stable performance can be fine-tunedeasily and accurately without peer

High demand technology, compact built, light weight,consumes less energy than conventional power source,easy handle to increase productivity and cost efficiency

  • Multi purpose Application, the machine provides varying functions suitable for the MIG / MAG welding , MMA welding , FCAW, Aluminumwelding, Arc Gouging and for TIG welding with TIG function.
  • Good Start and Burn Back Device,the power source equipped witha self adaptive start feature tocontrol wire feed speed duringarc starting, burn back deviceremoves the tip ball after weldingfor a good and smooth star
  • Low spatter for mild steel,stainless steel, and aluminum
  • Optional Water Cooling Systemsuitable for gouging only up to 6mm


Input Voltage (V) 3 phase 380-415
Input Voltage (A) 36
Power Capacity (KVA) 23.7
Current Adjustment Range (A) 60-550
Output Voltage 17-35
Duty Cycle (%) 100
Power Factory 0.93
Efficiency (%) 85
Wire Feeder separate
Post Flow Time 1 s
Coil Diameter (mm) 270
Wire Diameter (mm) 1.0/1.2
Main Machine Size (mm) 920 x 340 x 600
overall Weight (kg) 44
Applicable Board Thickness (mm) above 1.5
Insulation Class F
Enclosure Protection Degree IP23

MIG accessories

  • Abicor Binzel Mig Torch AB Grip 50.6, 3m
  • Earth Clamp + Cable
  • CO2 Heater Regulator
  • Interface cable 6m
  • Feed roll Ø 1.0 – 1.6 mm

Optional TIG Accessories

  • Abicor Binzel TIG Torch SR 26 V
  • Typhoon Argon Regulator

Optional MMA Accessories

  • Electrode Holder+Cable,3m
  • Abicor binzel Gouging Torch G 4000
  • Automatic Welding Helmet ADF 600S
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