Delta+ 90 XFA

Delta+ 90 XFA

Delta 90 SFA and Delta+ 90 XFA models provide head protection for welding and fabrication personnel working in extreme conditions, such as shipbuilding, heavy fabrication, mining and construction sites.

Delta respirator systems channel clean breathing air over the welder’s face from either a rechargeable, Li-Ion battery powered filter pack or locally supplied breathing air source. The adjustable face seal, combined with the ‘positive air pressure’ design, creates a comfortable breathing zone certified to TH2 European standards, ensuring that 98% of contaminated air remains outside the breathing zone.

  • Heavy duty hard hat and welding visor
  • Li-ion battery powered filter pack or supplied air packages
  • Positive pressure design makes breathing effortless
  • Mounting for optional high quality ear defenders
  • Certified EN 397, EN 175 B, AS/NZS 1801 and AS/NZS 1337.1
  • SA 47 ADF welding filter, shades 9-13 (SFA)
  • XA 47 ADF welding filter, shades 5 / 9-13 / 14-15 (XFA)
  • Remain protected behind the large, clear impact rated visor (XFA)

Delta+ 90 XFA welding helmet, auto-darkening welding filter XA 47, air hose, FA Flow Control unit, Li-ion battery and charger, flow meter, comfort belt.

Product code9873320
Weight1103 g
Operating temperature– 5 … + 55 °C <80% Rh
EN 175B
EN 12941TH2
AS/NZS 1716;P1
Welding filterXA 47
View size97 x 47 mm
Filter dimension110 x 90 mm
Shade range9-15
ADF light state4
ADF switching time0.1 ms
LiFE+ Color (yes/no)Yes
Grinding fuction (yes/no)Yes
PAPRFA Flow Control

XA 47

  • Auto-darkening welding filter featuring LiFE+ Color ADF technology that provides greater clarity of vision. Shade adjustments: 5, 8, 9-13 and 14, 15.
  • Product code: SP9873063

SA 60B

  • Auto-darkening welding filter featuring large view area 100 x 60mm and LiFE+ Color ADF technology, providing greater clarity of vision. Shade adjustments: 5, 9-13.
  • Product code: SP9873064

FA Flow Control

  • FA Flow Control is a battery powered filter unit with adjustable motor fan speeds from 140 lpm to 210 lpm. Powered from a Li-ion battery pack and providing protection against particulate contaminants associated with welding and fabrication operations, FA Flow Control offers excellent freedom of movement and breathing protection.
  • Product code: W013560 (with Li-ion battery)

FA Pressure Flow Control

  • FA Pressure Flow Control system ensures easy and reliable airflow control and monitoring for Delta and Delta+ hard hat supplied air respirators. The belt mounted airflow regulation valve enables simple air flow adjustment to the breathing zone and is an ideal and cost efficient solution for more static work place locations and applications.
  • Product code: W007496

Ear defenders

  • Delta and Delta+ models connect with optional quality ear defenders.
  • Product code: W007517
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