Cutting Torch PRESTOCUT M 651

Cutting Torch PRESTOCUT M 651

With their heavy duty cutting torches type PRESTOCUT, Messer Cutting Systems offers you the optimum solution for your cutting requirements. Cuts up to  500 mm with the PRESTOCUT F and up to 600 mm with the PRESTOCUT M are absolutely no problem. Whether the unalloyed material is hot or cold, the PRESTOCUT convinces with its wide cutting range and the high cutting speed. The heavy duty cutting torches are completely water cooled and available in different lengths. They operate using Propane or Methane (Natural gas) with Oxygen.

Depending upon the cutting range required, whether nozzle mixing or outer mixing nozzles – our nozzle accessory programme completes the PRESTOCUT range appropriately.

We would be happy to consult with you to define together the optimum appropriate torch solution for you.

Our comprehensive Product range offers you various possibilities to execute heavy duty cutting, whether with or without the addition of powder. Further information about this can be found in our steel mill catalogue on the page about heavy duty hand cutting torches or simply contact us directly.

Have you any questions about our heavy duty cutting torches or would you like more information about any aspect of our product range? Contact us directly and we will reply to you as fast as possible.

  • Heavy Duty Cutting Torch PRESTOCUT M 651:
    • “Flying” start of curt thanks to high heating power
    • Torch tube is stainless steel
    • Conically sealing nozzles
    • Nozzles for the following gas combinations: Propane, Methane (natural gas) and Oxygen (PM)
    • Lengh: 1000 mm
    • Heating Oxygen connection: G1/2″RH*
    • Fuel gas connection: G3/4″LH*
    • Cutting Oxygen connection: G3/4″RH*
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