CUTi 35C

The CUTi 35C is the smallest manual plasma cutting unit of this product line and has an integrated compressor. With this own and independent compressed air supply, the CUTi 35C cuts materials with a thickness of up to 6 mm. If an external compressed air supply is available the possible cutting current increases from 25 A to 35 A thereby also increasing the material thickness to 10 mm. The integrated air supply and the 230 V connection guarantee highest mobility. Its low weight of only 12.5 kg is also impressive.


Power SourceCUTi 35C
Mains voltage:1x 230 V
Cutting current
at 25% duty cycle:15 A – 35 A

25 A maximum with integrated compressor

at 100% duty cycle:20 A
Cutting range
mit internem Kompressor:up to 6 mm
mit Druckluftanschluss:up to 10 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H):550 x 150 x 245 mm
Weight:12.5 kg
Plasma torch:PHT 25
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