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The ALO (adaptive laser optic) as a laser processing head ALO3 with integrated seam tracking by means of filler wire is now available for CW-Laser in the range of 880 -1070 nm.

How does it work?

The patented tactile seam tracking process allows the ALO3 to find the beginning of seam accurately and to guide the process precisely along the seam. Thereby the component allowances are automatically balanced. The independent system with seam tracking can be integrated in every guiding machine and will be controlled by digital In-/Outputs or Interbus.

  • For steel and aluminium
  • Y-seam at flange welds
  • Fillet weld at the lap joint
  • Fillet weld at the T-joint

The following types of laser can be used:

  • Diodelaser from Laserline
  • Solid-state laser like rod laser or disk laser from Rofin or Trumpf
  • Fiber laser from IPG


  • Telescoping arm TA-Fix
  • Telescoping arm TA-Motion
  • Inclination Sensor (Neigo)
  • Auto focus
  • Single or double-angled
  • Camera and cross-hair generator
  • High precise tool changer
  • Hot wire up to 100 or 230 A
  • Interbus, Modbus, Profibus
  • Shielding gas stinging or coaxial


Weight 20 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm 100 x 200 x 300
Laser protection class 4
Wave length 880 – 1070 nm
Working space lateral Y: +/- 15 mm, height Z: +/- 10 mm
Laser power for CW-Laser until 6 kW
Focal length 141 – 250 mm
IP-class 67
Power supply 24 V / 10 A
Parameterization via Ethernet
Connection different manufacturer for wire feed
Special features cover slide drawer, integated crossjet
  • Wire feed drive (DFE)
  • Media coupling (MEKO)
  • Media coupling general application interface MEKO-GAS (HTK box)
  • Crash Sensor
  • Pressure wheel (ADR)
  • Pointer with adjustable focal point
  • Cross-hair generator (FKGA)
  • Wire cutter 45° DAS
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