ABITIG® GRIP 150 / 150 F

ABITIG® GRIP 150 / 150 F

The ABITIG® GRIP line “ABICOR BINZEL-Style”, air and liquid cooled, offer leading edge performance in a comfortable and light weight package. The cooling system guarantees long service life and enables the use of smaller tungsten electrodes through optimised heat dissipation.

The reduction in the quantity of consumables to only three components (back cap, electrode holder / gas diffuser and threaded gas nozzle) simplifies use and helps reduce stocking costs.

The innovative torch design prevents the heat from the gas nozzle reaching the torch body. This protects the torch, increases service life and further reduces operating costs.

The intelligent ABITIG® GRIP handle offers increased comfort due to the integration of numerous switching and control functions. Furthermore it is well protected against high frequency (HF) flashover

  • One ergonomic handle with “GRIP” for all ABITIG® GRIP torch types – offers high gripability and optimum feel
  • Modular switching and control functions integrated into the handle – individually and ergonomically
  • Short ball joint for optimum movement radius and ideal handling
  • Light and flexible cable assemblies with modular machine-side connections for most available TIG welding power sources
  • Reduced storage costs with only three consumable parts

Technical data according to EN 60 974-7:

Type:ABITIG® GRIP 150 / 150 F
DC:150 A
AC:105 A
Duty Cycle (%):35
Tungsten electrodes Ø (mm):1.0 – 2.4


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