Professional torches for high process temperatures …

The ABIMIG® W torches round out the reliable and market-proven ABIMIG® product line from ABICOR BINZEL. The liquid cooled torches use the optimized cooling technique of the ABIMIG® W T torches and improve the ABIMIG® product line with fixed torch necks in terms of performance used at high welding currents. ABIMIG® W torches are always optimal whenever the best possible welding results are to be achieved with one torch neck geometry. The torches are very hard-wearing thanks to the double fixation of the torch neck which protects the torch particularly well against mechanical deformation. Thanks to their sophisticated ergonomics, the handle sits comfortably in the hand and allows the welder to move safely in all welding positions.

  • Slim, straight handles allow different postural positions
  • Extended and short triggers available – for best handling
  • Coated torch necks with additional metal fixation – robust design for use at high welding currents
  • Durable, screwable gas nozzles with integrated, replaceable spatter protection

* according to DIN EN ISO 14175

  • Rated using power source with VDE standard volt/amp characteristic (U=14+0.05xl). Recommended cooling capacity of water recirculator approx. 800 W. To protect cable assembly components from excessive heat build up we recommend a post welding cooling cycle of at least four minutes.
  • Technical data (EN 60 974-7):


Type:ABIMIG® W 440
CO2:500 A
Mixed gases M21*:450 A
Duty Cycle (%):100
Wire Ø (mm):0.8 – 1.6


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